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What does it take to get a good night’s sleep?

We used to ask ourselves this question every day. Sleep is when we are the most vulnerable and starting the next day with frizzy hair or dried out/wrinkled skin isn't the most delightful. Having sensitive skin and allergies also means that we had to be extra careful with our fabrics and surroundings every day.

mjuk & co. was borne out of this frustration. Mjuk (pronounced as ‘me-yuk’) means soft or gentle in Swedish. At mjuk & co., we are inspired by the Swedish’s lagom philosophy of having just the right balance in life - including a good night’s sleep that allows for a better tomorrow.


Our Silk

All our silk products are made with 100% highest grade (6A) long-fiber mulberry silk, with a thickness of 19 momme, 22 momme and 25 momme for face masks, pillowcases and eye masks respectively. Thorough testing has been done to source for high-quality silk that is not only beneficial to the body but also aesthetically pleasing with a 'mjuk' texture - and enables your skin and hair to stay hydrated.

All items have gone through proper quality checks and will be sent to you from Singapore.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the quality of our products - a full refund will be given if you are not satisfied!*

Your nights just got a whole lot better


*Please refer to our return policy for more details