Silk VS Satin

Silk is commonly compared with Satin. However, silk is a natural fibre and Satin is a type of weave with a lustrous sheen. In fact, Satin can be made with a variety of fabric, including polyester or even silk! However, when people ask this question, they are usually comparing silk with polyester satin. Let’s do a comparison between both of these fabrics:


1. Silk is a stronger material - and lasts longer if taken care of properly. Silk is also harder to produce, which is why it is more expensive. While polyester satin is slippery, it isn’t able to provide the same soft and smooth feel as natural silk.




2. Polyester satin is not hypoallergenic. On the other hand, as pure silk is made from natural silk covers, the protein filaments make it hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin, even for acne-prone skin!




3. Polyester satin is not as breathable and might even trap odour, especially during hot weathers. On the other hand, silk is highly breathable and a great natural temperature regulator. Hence, silk is suitable to be used all year round!


These are the main differences between natural silk and man-made polyester satin. All these properties make silk the better choice in the long run for hair, skin and sleep! Have you tried silk vs satin? Which was better?